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The following is the list of podcasts I currently listen to on a regular basis.

Astronomy, Physics, & Mystery

Icon Space Time with Stuart Gary Icon  Icon mp3
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary is recognized worldwide by our listeners and industry experts as one of the best podcasts on Astronomy and Space Science.

Computers & Technology

Icon Changelog Icon  Icon mp3
A weekly conversation that gets to the heart of open source technologies and the people who create them.

Icon Late Night Linux Icon  Icon ogg  Icon mp3
Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what's happening with Linux and the wider tech industry.

Icon Linux Action News Icon  Icon mp3  Icon video
Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe.


Icon Philosophy 24/7 Icon  Icon mp3
David Edmonds interviews leading philosophers about moral issues that effect us 24/7.

Icon Philosophy Bites Icon  Icon mp3
David Edmonds (Uehiro Centre, Oxford University) and Nigel Warburton (freelance philosopher/writer) interview top philosophers on a wide range of topics.