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This site is made up of a collective of articles, obscure ramblings and miscellaneous personal information written by it's contributors. Anything you find here-in was either written by, modified by, reproduced by, or in some other shape or form transcribed by said contributors. Sources are listed when they are known, inevitably there will be times when sources are not listed. Please excuse these errors, feel free however to submit corrections to the appropriate contributor when applicable.

This also serves as an accompaniment for my YouTube channel. Most of the guides you can find there in video format have their respective text-format version here on Wiki³.

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Wiki³ makes no guarantee of validity

This is a collection of thoughts and musings that I have put together over the years. Some of this data might be out of date or *shock* incorrect. There is no peer review process aside from the editors of the wiki itself, which consists of myself and a very small number of close friends. If you would like to get involved in the wiki please contact Kyau.

Any of the trademarks, design rights or similar rights that are mentioned here are the property of their respective owners.

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