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KYAU Network is powered by Arch Linux and OVH. The machine, as seen on the right, is from their essential dedicated server line and is located in their Beauharnois, CA facility, more specifically in datacenter BHS6. We are utilizing Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM) to separate our services onto separate virtual machines (VMs). All VM images are built in-house using Packer and then tested extensively with Vagrant. The service VMs themselves are run using Libvirt with the disk volumes sitting on LVM thin volumes on-top of RAID10(far2).

Icon Security & Reliability

Our network has been setup with security and reliability as our two primary focus points. Our DNS server has been setup to achieve an A+ with 100% in all four categories on DNS Spy. Our web server, running nginx with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, has been setup to achieve an A+ rating with 100 points in every category on SSL Labs.

IconWe are currently looking for a low-end, multiple IPv4, VPS provider on a separate network/continent for our slave DNS server
Icon Arch Linux x64_86
SyS: E5v2-SAT-1-16
Icon Supermicro X9SRi-3F ATX Server Board
Icon Intel C606
Icon Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2; Ivy Bridge EP (3.7GHz, 10M Cache)
Icon Samsung 16GB DDR3 1866 ECC/REG CL13
Icon Matrox G200eW 16MB DDR2 Graphics
Icon Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 2TB 6.0Gb/s (7200RPM, 64MB)
Icon Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000 2TB 6.0Gb/s (7200RPM, 64MB)
Icon Intel i350 Dual Port 1Gb/s
Icon 250Mb/s (unmetered)

Icon Why Arch Linux?

Arch Linux was an in-house decision we did not take lightly, in 2013 we switched from FreeBSD to Arch Linux and have not looked back. Running Arch Linux on a server in a production environment is very feasible, provided you know a bit about security and keep on top of advisories. That being said we do not live in a perfect world, and our server logs are proof of that.

Icon History

2017-08-15 : Migration to E5v2-SAT-1-16 complete.
2017-08-13 : E5v2-SAT-1-16 setup complete: OVH: Custom Installation, Hardening Arch Linux, KVM on Arch Linux
2017-07-29 : E5v2-SAT-1-16 purchased from OVH SYS in their BHS datacenter to replace the KS-8G.
2017-07-24 : VPS-SSD1 purchased from OVH in their BHS datacenter for the creation of tutorials.
2013-12-10 : KS-8G dedicated server purchased from OVH in their BHS datacenter. Terminated
2013-05-31 : SP 16G dedicated server purchased from OVH in their BHS datacenter. Terminated
2013-01-13 : KS1 dedicated server purchased from OVH in their BHS datacenter. Terminated

Icon Network

The following is the complete network setup for everything that the KYAU Network is currently running.

Network Overview
Machine/VM OS Hostname vMAC Location IPv4 IPv6
E5v2-SAT-1-16 Arch Linux neutron.kyau.net OVH.CA 2607:5300:120:dd5::/64
bind Arch Linux dwarf.kyau.net 02:00:00:72:47:2b OVH.CA
sql Arch Linux nova.kyau.net 02:00:00:4d:3b:3b OVH.CA 2607:5300:120:dd5::2/64
nginx Arch Linux pulsar.kyau.net 02:00:00:bc:c2:b7 OVH.CA 2607:5300:120:dd5::3/64
backup Arch Linux blackhole.kyau.net 02:00:00:2a:70:29 OVH.CA 2607:5300:120:dd5::4/64
shell OpenBSD raptr.kyaulabs.com 02:00:00:6a:8a:64 OVH.CA 2607:5300:120:dd5::5/64
devel Arch Linux dev.kyau.net ?? OVH.CA ?? ??
512MB SKVMS Arch Linux ecko.kyaulabs.com 00:16:3c:c9:e4:db RamNode (SEA) 2604:180:1:447::2/64

Icon Shell Box

The shell box is our on-going experiment/education in security. It is powered by OpenBSD and is open to anyone, provided they are willing to go through the application process. More details should be available soon.

IconWARNING: The Shell Box is still currently in development and as such, is not available yet!

"One of the things I have always wanted to do since I was a younger was to run a shell provider. Shy of some dabbling with Slackware, which I installed from a CDROM I got in the back of a book at the local library (pre-internet joys), this was my first major introduction to Linux and the command line. I spent a good majority of my youth on IRC messing around with "shells". I even got my first major introduction to programming (aside from BASIC and HTML) when I started coding botnet scripts for eggdrop in TCL." ~Kyau

Shell Box
VHost IPv4 IPv6 Source
raptr.kyaulabs.com 2607:5300:120:dd5::5/32
?? 2607:5300:120:dd5::6/32
quantum.protoco.de 2607:5300:120:dd5::7/32
ansi.bbs.io 2607:5300:120:dd5::8/32
openbsd.efnet.de 2607:5300:120:dd5::9/32
?? 2607:5300:120:dd5::a/32
?? 2607:5300:120:dd5::b/32
?? 2607:5300:120:dd5::c/32