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Icon Notes

If at any time you see  
  at the top of a page, there is a high probability that what you are viewing is a work in progress (WIP). While the information may be correct it is likely incomplete, you can check the page history at the top of each page to see if it is actively being updated.
IconIf you would like to contribute or have an article hosted here please get in contact with Kyau

Icon Categories

▼ Building/DIY
    Icon  DIY
▼ Gaming
    Icon  Gaming
    Icon  MajorMUD
    Icon  Path of Exile
    Icon  Worldgroup
▼ Hardware
    Icon  Raspberry Pi
    Icon  ThinkPad
▼ Operating Systems
    Icon  Android
    Icon  Arch Linux
    Icon  FreeBSD
    Icon  Windows


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Icon Changelog

2023-06-09 : MediaWiki updated to 1.39.3
2020-11-20 : Fixed mobile header and refactored the theme, fonts used are now Proxima Nova & Agave
2020-11-13 : MediaWiki updated to 1.35.0
2017-07-11 : Interwiki linking has been enabled, check this list.
2017-07-06 : Re-branding is complete!
MediaWiki updated to 1.28.2 (extensions: spoilers & googleAnalytics removed)
Added $wgActionPaths to the config and nginx rewrites to provide a cleaner URL experience
Wiki description moved to About Wiki³
Site License Added: GNU FDL
2016-02-04 : MediaWiki updated to 1.26.1


2012-01-22 : Wiki created, MediaWiki 1.19 alpha installed