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Quest Weapon

Requirements: Level 10

First Level Crypt Second Level Crypt Third Level Crypt

▼ ▲ Q
| | |
#--#--#--#--# # #--#--#--#--#--#--#
| | | / \ |
# # # # # #--#--#--#--#--#--#
| | | \ / |
# # # # # # #
| | | | / \ | |
# # # # # # # #--#--#
| | | / \ / \ / \ | |
#--#--#--#--# #--# # # #--# # #
| \ / \ / | |
# # # #--#--#
| \ / |
# # # # #
| \ / \ / |
# # # # # #
| | \ / | |
#--#--#--#--# # @ # #
| | | | | | |
# # # # # # ▲
| | | \ /|\ /
# # # # # # # # ┌──────────────────────────
| | | \ / | \ / │ ▲ = Up / ▼ = Down
L # L # # # │ @ = Statue
| │ L = Lever
▼ │ Q = Quest Area Door

Finding the Quest Area

First you need to find the tomb in the graveyard north-east of Silvermere. To get there from the graveyard entrance head east, east, and then north.

Crypt, First Level

Then head down the stairs and go north till you hit a 4-way intersection. Going east/west then south will lead you to two levers. Pull each of these quickly with PULL LEVER and then come back to the intersection.

Then run all the way north until you find a secret passage. Go north then down.

Crypt, Second Level

In this room, search south for a secret passage. When you find it go south and then head south (the level is shaped like a diamond, so you can go SE or SW) until you find a statue.

At the statue, PUSH BUTTON and go south till you hit the stairs. Go down.

Crypt, Third Level

Head north (you'll have to go around a fork in the path first) all the way till the path ends. You will only be able to enter this final room if you are level 10.

You'll need to kill a mummy (who should be sitting in this final room), who will drop a bone key. Use this key (with use bone key north), or pick the lock (with pick north) if you can, then open north to open the door and head north.

Quest Area

This is the quest area. There are no monsters in this large room, so its safe to rest.

You will find a number of paths leading off of this room. you will only be allowed to take one. Try them all until you find the one for your class. This is your "quest path". The path for each type of character is different, and you will have to discover what is required to complete your particular quest. At the end of your path is a "spirit". This spirit will give you your "quest item" which should be laying on the floor as you come in (but only if you are the first from your class to enter the quest room, since there is only one quest item for each class in the game). The spirit will also train you for L11 when you are ready. Once you train for L11, you will no longer be permitted to enter the tomb.[1]


If you are a keen observer you will notice that along the path to your spirit trainer there are traps set. If your trap skill is high enough you can search the exit directions, search west for example, to detect and then disarm, disarm trap west for example, the traps before you set them off. This will save you a lot of heartache and time (spent resting it all back) on the way there.


Level Item Type Enc AC/DR Acc Limit Abilities Sold/Dropped
10 clawed gloves Silk, Hands 50 3/0.0 0 1 Magical +3
Punch Damage +3
Kai Regen +150%
Mystic Only
Class Quest (Lv10) — Mystic
10 jeweled main gauche Silk, Off-hand 40 5/0.0 12 1 Magical +3
Quality +50
BS Min Damage +5
Crits +5
Bard Only
Class Quest (Lv10) — Bard
Level Item Type Dmg Speed Str AC Acc BS
Enc Limit Abilities Sold/Dropped
10 mithril cutlass 1H Sharp 8-20 1550 45 2.0 5 0 10 1 Quality +50
Magic Resist +5
Casts: sharp blade 10%
(Damage 2, Spell Casting -10, Accuracy -3 for 5 rounds)
Witchunter Only
10 golden battleaxe 1H Sharp 8-21 1500 60 2.0 5 -10 130 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Room Illumination +100
Casts: rip 5%
(Damage 2 to 4, Affects Living Only, for 8 rounds)

Warrior Only
10 flametongue 1H Sharp 4-18 1300 45 2.0 6 0 10 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +2
Mana Regen +10%
Room Illumination +200
Casts: flame hits %100
(Damage 1-3)

Warlock Only
10 ebony ninjato 1H Sharp 5-20 1200 40 2.0 6 1 75 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Stealth +5
Ninja Only
10 jeweled scimitar 1H Sharp 5-20 1200 40 2.0 6 15 80 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +2
Mana Regen +10%
Missionary Only
10 silver rapier 1H Sharp 6-19 1200 40 2.0 1 20 70 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +2
Mana Regen +10%
Casts: bright blade 5%
(BlindUser +100, AC -5, Accuracy -8, for 2 rounds)

Gypsy Only
10 crystal shortsword 1H Sharp 5-16 100 25 2.0 1 15 60 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
BS Max Damage +10
BS Min Damage +5
Traps +10
Picklocks +10
Thief Only
10 darkwood staff 2H Blunt 5-18 1300 40 3.0 6 No 10 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +5
Mana Regen +15%
Casts: entangle 10%
(HoldPerson +100, for 4 rounds)

Druid Only
10 shimmering greatsword 2H Sharp 8-25 2000 45 2.0 8 No 90 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Casts: sword major bless 40%
(Accuracy +10, for 60 rounds)

Casts: silvery mace 40%
(Damage 1 to 3)

Paladin Only
10 witchwood spear 2H Sharp 6-22 1400 45 2.0 6 -10 10 1 Magical +2
Magic Resist +5
Spell Casting +1
Mana Regen +5%
Casts: entangle 5%
(HoldPerson +100, for 4 rounds)

Ranger Only
10 platinum mace 1H Blunt 5-16 1200 45 2.0 12 0 120 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Mana Regen +15%
Spell Casting +3
Recharge +10
Uses: 3x/day
Casts: heal
(1 to 20 hps)

Priest Only
10 black flail 1H Blunt 7-22 1700 70 2 6 No 70 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +2
Mana Regen +10%
Uses: 10x/day
Casts: iron faith
(Magic Resist +0+(0.5*Level) to 10+(0.5*Level), for 30 rounds)

Cleric Only
10 obsidian runestaff 2H Blunt 5-18 1200 30 3.0 6 No 10 1 Magical +2
Quality +50
Spell Casting +5
Mana Regen +15%
Casts: burning death
(Damage 5+(1*Level) to 10+(2*Level), Evil in Combat)
Mage Only

Alignment Quests

Like any respectful city, Silvermere has its laws. Some follow them, some don't.
If you are in the latter category, your stay in the realm may be cut short, in
more ways than one. There are two main criminal acts in the Realm. Attacking
"innocents" (The town doesnt care if you slay a hated person), or stealing from
others. Although the latter is more tolerated of course. People will be
classified in the following titles, so watch who you trust.

Lawful - Attacking a lawful player will give thrice the evil points.
Saint - A true saint, in society and in heart. A rarity in these times.
Good - Someone with a noteworthy reputation of lawfulness.
Neutral - An average citizen, you will be treated fairly within the realm.
Seedy - The dregs of society. Bad deeds done to you will be ignored.
Outlaw - Guards will attack you on sight, but will spare your life.
Criminal - Same as Outlaw, except that Guards will SLAY you on sight.
Villain - Same as Criminal, except that the "Gods" may sometimes intervene.
Fiend - The utmost in evil. Don't count on living too long in this state.

Currently, the only way to become a more "respected" citizen is to wait it off.
In times like these, your deeds will eventually be forgotten, and it is commonly
known for an infamous villain to become a well respected townsman after a
certain amount of time.

1st Quest

Requirements: Level 10
Reward: 150k EXP
Reward (good): white gold ring
Reward (neutral): black and white serpent ring
Reward (evil): ruby-eyed skull ring


  1. Make your way to the wounded messenger in the Temple Halls of Silvermere.
  2. Greet the wounded healer, GREET WOUNDED MESSENGER, and then ask him about the mission, ASK WOUNDED MESSENGER MISSION.
  3. Make your way to the Guildmaster in the Adventurer's Guild of Silvermere.
  4. Greet the Guildmaster, GREET GUILDMASTER, ask him about strangers in town, ASK GUILDMASTER STRANGERS, then finally ask him about the wounded messenger, ASK GUILDMASTER WOUNDED MESSENGER.
  5. Make your way back to the wounded messenger.
  6. Ask the wounded messenger about the Guildmaster, ASK WOUNDED MESSENGER GUILDMASTER, and then accept the letter (it will not be in your inventory) to deliver to Annora, ASK WOUNDED MESSENGER ACCEPT.
  7. Make your way to Chancellor Annora in The Rocky Trail.
  8. Ask Chancellor Annora about the letter, ASK ANNORA LETTER.
    She will give you a letter in return, again not in your inventory, to deliver to Commander Markus.
  9. Make your way to Commander Markus in the Black Mountains.
  10. Ask Commander Markus about the letter, ASK MARKUS LETTER, he will give you a box (again no inventory) to take back to Annora.
  11. Finally make your way back to Chancellor Annora.
  12. Ask Chancellor Annora about your return, ASK ANNORA RETURN.
Level Item Type Enc AC/DR Acc Limit Abilities Sold/Dropped
10 white gold ring Natural, Finger 25 2/0.5 0 0 Loyal
HP Regen +25
Dodge +5
Good Only
Quest — Good Alignment Quest #1


  1. Make your way to the hooded traveller in Silvermere.
  2. Greet the hooded traveller, GREET HOODED, and then ask him about the quest, ASK HOODED QUEST.
  3. Make your way to Jorah at the Blue Tower in the Darkwood Forest.
  4. Greet Jorah, GREET JORAH, ask him about the grey lord, ASK JORAH GREY LORD, and then have him transport you to the Floating Citadel, ASK JORAH TRANSPORT.
  5. Go north from where Jorah sends you and you should find the The Grey Lord.
  6. Greet The Grey Lord, GREET GREY, ask him for the code word, ASK GREY CODE WORD, and finally ask him to transport you back to Town Square, ASK GREY TRANSPORT.
    The code word that The Grey Lord gives you is `Festus` to pass on to Commander Markus.
  7. Make your way to Commander Markus in the Black Mountains.
  8. Ask Commander Markus about the code work, ASK MARKUS FESTUS.
    He gives you a box (which will not be in your inventory) to deliver to The Grey Lord.
  9. Make your way to The Grey Lord again via Jorah.
  10. Ask The Grey Lord about the box, ASK GREY BOX.
    He takes your box and gives you another to give to Annora, again it won't show in your inventory.
  11. Make your way to Chancellor Annora in The Rocky Trail.
  12. Ask Chancellor Annora about the code word, ASK ANNORA FESTUS.
  13. Finally make your way back to The Grey Lord via Jorah.
  14. Ask The Grey Lord about returning, ASK GREY RETURN.
Level Item Type Enc AC/DR Acc Limit Abilities Sold/Dropped
10 black and white serpent ring Natural, Finger 25 1/0 0 0 Loyal
HP +10
Mana +10
HP Regen +35
Neutral Only
Quest — Neutral Alignment Quest #1


  1. Take 100 gold with you to the nasty-looking man in the Silvermere, Wailing Hound Tavern.
  2. Greet the nasty-looking man, GREET NASTY, then ask him about an adventure, ASK NASTY ADVENTURE and finally ask him about gold, ASK NASTY GOLD.
  3. Make your way to Balthazar in Rhudaur.
  4. Greet Balthazar, GREET BALTHAZAR, ask him about work, ASK BAL WORK, and finally tell him you accept, .
  5. Make your way to Commander Markus in the Black Mountains.
  6. Kill Commander Markus and take his head and the box upon his death.
  7. Make your way back to Balthazar in Rhudaur.
  8. Ask Balthazar about your reward, ASK BAL REWARD.
Level Item Type Enc AC/DR Acc Limit Abilities Sold/Dropped
10 ruby-eyed skull ring Natural, Finger 25 1/0 0 0 Loyal
Max Damage +1
HP Regen +25
Mana Regen +10%
Evil Only
Quest — Evil Alignment Quest #1

Level 15

Champion of Blood

Ice Sorceress

Requirements: Level 15
Reward: 750k EXP
Reward: +1 AC

  1. Head to The Rocky Trail, Frozen Caverns.
  2. Kill the Yeti in the Frozen Caverns and take the glass key.
  3. Head south into the Tower (bash the door). Beware of ice golem's in the tower.
  4. Make your way 4 rooms south, then bash through the gate to the west.
  5. TURN CRYSTAL and follow the passage that opens to the NW.
  7. In this room PULL SWITCH, then go WEST and PULL ROPE.
  8. Traverse the Tower: UP, WEST, SOUTH and EAST.
  9. Use the glass key on the locked door above you, then traverse UP, WEST, NORTH.
  10. You are now sitting in the room just outside of the ice sorceress, head EAST and kill her.
  11. After the room is clear SIT THRONE in order to gain your reward.

High Druid

Requirements: Level 15
Reward: 750k EXP
Reward: +1 Spellcasting

  1. Head to the Darkwood Forest and run the Darkwood Ring loop until you have a ring for everyone in your party.
  2. Go through one of the 4 arches in the grove, the ring (when equipped) will allow you to pass through the shimmering arch to the center of the tree.
  3. Once you get to the center, GO ARCH will drop you into the high druid room (buffs are removed).
  4. When the room is clear, TOUCH GEM to get your reward.

Witchunter Magebane Quest

Requirements: Level 15 Witchunter
Reward: Magebane sword

  1. Head to the Exotic Weapons Shop in Rhudaur
  3. Ask him about being a Witchunter, ASK HUGE DWARVEN WITCHUNTER WITCHUNTER
  4. Finally ask about the sword to receive it, ASK HUGE DWARVEN WITCHUNTER SWORD

Gaunt One See Hidden Quest

Phoenix Feather

Requirements: Level 15
Reward: 750k EXP
Reward: phoenix feather

  1. Head to Rhudaur
  2. Locate the old man in the Asylum. Entering will separate your party.
    Hint: You can use the goto in MegaMud to get to him but it might fail a few times. If it thinks it found him yet you do not see him, move about 3-4 rooms away and redo the goto.
  3. Greet the old man, GREET OLD MAN. Then ask the old man why he is there, ASK OLD MAN FORGOTTEN, about the shadow fist, ASK OLD MAN SHADOW FIST, and then about the phoenix, ASK OLD MAN PHOENIX. Finally ask the old man about the prophecy, ASK OLD MAN PROPHECY.
  4. Relog into the game to be spit back out to the entrance of the Asylum.
  5. Head to the Thieve's Guild in Rhudaur.
  6. Purchase a single skeleton key.
    Hint: Only one person in the group needs one.
  7. Kill the dread mystic in the Sewers (Rhudaur) for the yellowed note.
  8. Kill the flesh golem in the Shadow Fist Temple (Rhudaur), you will get a wire key to open the door to the north.
  9. Go north into the Ancient Library and read the yellowed note with, READ PARCHMENT or LOOK NOTE.
  10. Head to Silvermere.
  11. Head into the Sewers (Silvermere) and kill the smuggler boss for the smudged paper.
  12. Read the paper, LOOK SMUDGED PAPER.
  13. Head to Orfeo Talespinner in the Misty Valley.
  14. Ask Orfeo about Morukai, ASK ORFEO MORUKAI.
  15. Find Morukai in the Ancient Darkwood Tree.
    Note: The portal you take in the southwestern elder grove will separate your party.
  16. Greet Morukai, GREET MORUKAI and then ask him about the phoenix, ASK MORUKAI PHOENIX. Finally ask him about the barrier, ASK MORUKAI BARRIER.
  17. You need to find four components for Morukai.
    1. For the first component, kill Leo the Quick in the Bandit Keep of Darkwood Forest and receive the quartz.
    2. For the second component, kill white jelly in the Silvermere Sewers and receive the acid glands.
    3. For the third component, kill black orc boss in the Jagged Hills of the Dragon's Teeth Hills and head into the Earthy Cave behind him until you reach an end and cut the roots, CUT ROOTS.
    4. For the fourth and final component, kill queen ant in the Earthen Tunnel north of the Gnome village and receive the unfertilized eggs.
  18. Head back to Morukai.
  19. Ask Morukai about the components you have collected, ASK MORUKAI COMPONENTS. Finally ask him how to bring down the barrier, ASK MORUKAI RETURN.
  20. Head to the gnome alchemist in the Gnome Village outside of Khazarad.
  21. Ask the gnome alchemist about a potion, ASK ALCHEMIST POTION.
    Note: this will cost 1 platinum be sure to bring it with you.
  22. Head to the gnome inventor and ask him about forks, ASK INVENTOR FORKS. He will give you a titanium fork.
  23. Grab a boat from the boatman in Silvermere and head down the Silver River to the east.
  24. Once at the Mossy Tunnel (above the cave entrance), use the leviathan potion, USE LEV.
  25. Follow the dirt path north until it ends and then move the rubble out of the way, MOVE RUBBLE.
    Note: This may take a few attempts.
  26. Next head to the haunting spirit, you will have to use the fork to destroy walls along the way, AIM FORK <direction>.
  27. At the spirit, DESTROY BARRIER to use the Magical Rod of Quartz to open up the passage.
  28. Find the necromancer to the north and kill him for the golden egg.
  29. Return to Morukai and ask him about information, ASK MORUKAI INFORMATION.
  30. Head to the Lake of Fire in the Lava Fields.
  31. Once there hurl the egg into the lava, HURL EGG to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Level 20

2nd Alignment Quest

Sunstone Wristband Quest

Level 25

Apparatus Quest (Wererat)

Level 30

3rd Alignment Quest

Level 35

Adult Red Dragon Quest

White Dragon Gear

Level 40

4th Alignment Quest

Druid Acid Tempest

Missionary Azure Shamshir/Cobra Earrings Quest

Priest Merciful Grace Quest

Mystic Forms Quest

Black Dragon Gear

Level 45

Green, Red, and Blue Dragon Gear

Mage Magma Blast Quest

Level 50

5th Alignment Quest

Zanthus the Lich

Witchhunter Draka's Blade Quest

Paladin, Warrior, Missionary Darkbane Quest

Ability Quests

Meditate Quest

Requirements: Level 20 Druid, Mage, Priest
Requirements: Level 23 Cleric, Gypsy, Missionary
Requirements: Level 27 Bard, Paladin, Ranger
Reward: 5k EXP
Reward: meditate

  1. Goto Dhelvanen in the White Corridor underneath the Black House, GREET DHELVANEN.
  5. Run the nanati loop in the White Corridor until you have 50 black diamonds.
  6. Return to Dhelvanen
  7. Once back at Dhelvanen, ASK DHELVANEN REWARD and ASK DHELVANEN RETURN should net you the reward.

Perfect Stealth Quest

Smash Quest

Requirements: Level 20 Witchunter
Requirements: Level 22 Ranger, Warrior
Requirements: Level 25 Battlemage, Paladin
Requirements: Level 27 Cleric, Warlock
Reward: smash

  1. Visit Aldreth at the Tree House in Darkwood Forest.
  4. Aldreth will tell you to collect 50 orc-heads, run any of the Orc Training Ground loops in the Goblin Caves.
  5. Return to Aldreth with 50 orc-heads.
  6. ASK ALDRETH HEADS to give him the heads and get your quest token.
  7. Finally ASK ALDRETH RETURN will take the quest token and give you your reward.

Non Level Restricted, Repeatable Quests

Guildmaster Quest

Summoning Bone Quest


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