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In here are various tips that I have either figured out of had the pleasure of being explained to me at some point in my mud career.

Monster Attack Priority

Sometimes it can be very beneficial to attack a certain target first, there are any number of reason you would want to do this. If you are a witchunter you might want to ignore the caster while you pummel the melee, or vice versa.

  • In MegaMUD open Options > Game Data and navigate to the Monsters tab.
  • Click Find to search for a monster or you browse the list manually.
  • Once you have found the monster in need of change click Modify... to open the Monster/NPC Details window.
  • Select the Use or what to apply the changes, that you are about to make, to.
    I personally put things on only for this BBS if I want them "party-wide" and only for this character if it is only for that specific character.
  • Finally select the appropriate Attack Priority from the radio options in the bottom left.
    You will also notice there are many other things you can do on this screen.
  • When finished click Ok and then OK to enact the changes.

Auto-Sneaking Causes MegaMud to Stop Resting to Full

Resting actually does not help mana regeneration, you get mana regeneration ticks regardless of whether you are standing or resting. Therefore MegaMud will just keep trying to sneak. Note that this mana regeneration dynamic changes if you pick up Meditate. Until then you can do the following to fix your client from pausing.

  • In MegaMUD open Options > Settings and navigate to the Health tab.
  • Set Rest if below in the Mana/Kai category to 0.
  • Click OK to enact the changes.
    Don't forget to save your character file.
02:31am Moonshine gossips: i always turn resting for mana off until i get meditation
02:34am Moonshine gossips: in the lower levels, try to be a minimalist on mana usage


Keep in mind that all of these are for solo scripting, when you involve multiple accounts everything changes.

Level Range Classes Areas Default Paths Requirements Comments
1 - 5 ALL Newhaven Newhaven — Newhaven Arena
5 - 9 ALL Slums Slums — Black Star Key Gather Loop
Slums — Slum loop with HO's in it
Slums — Slums
Slums — Slums Easy Loop
Slums: Cash Drops
5 - 12 ALL Sewers Sewers — Cave Worm (instant respawn) Cave Worm: Instant Regen
7 - 12 ALL Sewers Sewers — Slimy Sewers (Easy Loop)
Sewers — Slimy Sewers (including chambers)
7 - 12 ALL Darkwood Forest Darkwood Forest — Bandit Keep Gate Toll (5g) Bandit Keep: Cash Drops
12 - 15 Bard, Gypsy,
Mystic, Ninja,
Sewers — Cave Worm (instant respawn)
Sewers — Slimy Sewers (Easy Loop)
Sewers — Slimy Sewers (including chambers)
Slums — Black Star Key Gather Loop
Slums — Slum loop with HO's in it
Slums — Slums
Slums — Slums Easy Loop
Graveyard — Graveyard (full loop)
Cave Worm: Instant Regen
Slums: Cash Drops
12 - 16 Mage, Druid Sewers
Black House
Sewers — Cave Worm (instant respawn)
Black House — Dark Caverns
Slums — Orc Mansion
Cave Worm: Instant Regen
Slums: Cash Drops
15 - 25 ALL Goblin Caves Goblin Caves — Slime beast loop Gate Toll (5g) Slime Beast: Instant Regen


Scripting Suggestions

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