Witch - Arctic Avenger v2

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It is said that some people just "like to see the world burn", well I personally would rather shatter the world to pieces! With this build you can do exactly that. This build is based around bypassing the Cold Snap cooldown with never-ending power charges for a true perma-freeze experience! Since this build won't come into it's own until Lv60+, it is recommended that you use a typical quick leveling build to achieve that level first.

Bandit Choices

  • Normal : Help Oak (+40 base Life)
  • Cruel : Kill All (Skill Point)
  • Merciless : Kill All (Skill Point)


The following is the skill gem setup one would use for this character.

  • Chest
    4L: Cold Snap + Cold Penetration + Life Leech + Elemental Proliferation
    5L: Cold Snap + Cold Penetration + Life Leech + Elemental Proliferation + Increased Area of Effect
    6L: Cold Snap + Cold Penetration + Life Leech + Elemental Proliferation + Increased Area of Effect + Concentrated Effect
  • Helmet
    4L : Arctic Breath + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Added Chaos Damage + Added Lightning Damage
  • Gloves
    4L : Reduced Mana + Purity of Ice + Discipline + Clarity
  • Boots
    4L : Elemental Weakness + Enfeeble + Increased Duration + Vaal Haste
  • Weapon
    3L : Frostbite + Arctic Armour + Empower
  • Shield
    3L : Lightning Warp + Faster Casting + Reduced Duration


The following is a list of required items you will need in order to make the build work correctly.

  • Cloak of Defiance : Your source for MoM.
  • Mindspiral : This item has amazing synergy with Cloak of Defiance, and can be corrupted for increased MoM.
  • Windscream : Allows dual cursing.
  • Romira's Banquet : The bread and butter of the build, without this you cannot spam Cold Snap.
  • (Optional) Berek's Grip : Allows you to remove Life Leech from 6L, but is not required.

Statistical focus for rare equipment should be as follows:

  • Resistances(+122% to All) > Life > Mana > Mana Regen > AoE Damage > Increased AoE > Cold Spell Damage > Cast Speed