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Level 66

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Crypt Chruch Dungeon Archbishop Geofri Cemetery Icon
Dried Lake Fetid Pool Chaos Rhoa Thicket Icon
Dunes The Coast Hillock Wharf Icon
Dungeon Prison Brutus Arsenal Icon
Grotto Waterfall Cave Daughter of Merveil Mountain Ledge Icon
Orchard The Imperial Gardens Devourer Sewer Icon
Overgrown Ruin Chamber of Sins Fidelitis Sewer Icon
Tropical Island The Southern Forest Blood Progenitor Arcade Icon
The Coward's Trial — Infector of Dreams —

Level 67

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Arcade Marketplace Galvanic Ribbons Ghetto Icon
Arsenal The Warehouse District Hatebeat Springs Icon
Cemetery Fellshrine Ruins Thunderskull Reef Icon
Mountain Ledge The Ledge Chatters Museum Icon
Sewer Slums/Warehouse/Market Sewers Fairgraves Mud Geyser Icon
Thicket Dread Thicket Ironpoint Spider Lair Icon
Wharf The Docks Bramblemist Vaal Pyramid Icon
Maelström of Chaos — Merveil —

Level 68

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Ghetto The Slums Perpetus Catacombs Icon
Mud Geyser Fetid Pool Oozeback Bloom Shore Icon
Museum The Library Dominus Demon Trio Spider Forest Icon
Reef Tidal Island Ambusher Promenade Icon
Spider Lair The Weaver's Chambers Black Death Spider Forest Icon
Springs The Riverways Alira Overgrown Shrine Icon
Vaal Pyramid Ancient Pyramid Vaal Fallen Tunnel Icon
Mao Kun — Fairgraves —
Vaults of Atziri — None —

Level 69

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Catacomb The Catacombs Necromancer Pier Icon
Overgrown Shrine Chamber of Sins Weaver Bog Icon
Promenade The Ebony Barracks Blackguard Duo Villa Icon
Shore The Climb Hailrake Coves Icon
Spider Forest The Blackwood Hillock Graveyard Icon
Tunnel Flooded Depths Lady of the Brood Underground Sea Icon
Acton's Nightmare — Necromancer Duo —

Level 70

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Bog Fetid Pool Slitherskin Strand Icon
Coves The coves Kraityn Colonnade Icon
Graveyard Fellshrine Ruins Merveil Dry Woods Icon
Pier The Docks The Burning Menace Arachnid Nest Icon
Underground Sea The Den Kuduku Temple Icon
Villa The Sceptre of God Caliga Dry Woods Icon

Level 71

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Arachnid Nest The Weaver's Chambers Lord of the Bow Torture Chamber Icon
Colonnade Battlefront Kole Labyrinth Icon
Dry Woods The Old Fields 2 Monkeys Jungle Valley Icon
Strand Twilight Strand Calaf Mine Icon
Poorjoy's Asylum Temple Tentacle Miscreation

Level 72

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Jungle Valley The Riverways The Weaver Dry Peninsula Icon
Labyrinth The Hedge Maze Paradisae Venenum Dark Forest Icon
Mine Cavern of Wrath/Anger Fidelitis Dark Forest Icon
Torture Chamber Prison Shock and Horror Canyon Icon
Waste Pool Sewers Stranglecharm Cells Icon
Whakawairua Tuahu Strand Tormented Temptress

Level 73

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Canyon The Climb Lord of the Bow Gorge Icon
Cells Crematorium Voidbearer Underground River Icon
Dark Forest Western Forest Oak Residence Icon
Dry Peninsula The Southern Forest Rock Golem Maze

Level 74

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Gorge The Climb Kraityn Bazaar Icon
Maze Ancient Pyramid Vaal Necropolis Icon
Residence The Sceptre of God Dominus Plateau
Underground River Cavern of Wrath/Anger Great White Beast Plateau Icon
Olmec's Sanctum Maze

Level 75

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Bazaar Marketplace 3 Banners Academy Icon
Death and Taxes Necropolis 4 Avatars
Necropolis Church Dungeon Merveil Precinct Icon
Plateau The Ledge Ooozeback Bloom Crematorium Icon

Level 76

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Academy The Library Book Burner Shipyard
Crematorium Prison (ashen) Fire Fury Shrine
Precinct The Slums Spinecrack Shipyard

Level 77

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Shipyard The Docks Gravicius Palace
Shrine Lunaris Temple - Prison Piety Courtyard

Level 78

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Courtyard The Imperial Gardens Dominus Blackguard Trio —
Palace The Upper Sceptre of God Dominus —

Level 79

Map Layout Boss Upgrades To Video
Vaal Temple — K'aj Q'ura
K'aj Y'ara'az
K'aj A'alai