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Icon Character Points (CP)

Level Range CP / Level
1 - 10 10
11 - 20 15
21 - 30 20
31 - 40 25
41 - 50 30
51 - 60 35
61 - 70 40
71 - 80 45

Character points are earned every time you level. Depending on what level you have recently attained you will receive an appropriate chunk of CP. You can allocate your CP in the stat trainer by issuing the TRAIN STATS command at the appropriate trainer for your class/level. To the right is a list of how many CP you earn in each level bracket and then finally a list of where to obtain training for each level.

Icon Training Locations

Note that while it may be cheaper to train at universal trainers, if you have the option of a class trainer you should always use this instead. Even though it will cost you more, you will get better Hit Point rolls, etc, if you use you individual class trainer. This is only believed to be the case for the Silvermere trainers and the Silvermere universal trainer, the increased cost trainers later on do not provide such benefit.[1]

Level Cost Location Comments
1 - 3 0% Newhaven Trainer
1 - 10 0% Silvermere, Adventurer's Guild
Universal Trainer
Low Cost Alternative
1 - 10 0% Silvermere Class Trainers Better HP/Level Rolls
11 500% Graveyard — Crypt Training from spirit at the
end of Lv10 Quest Weapon.
12-20 2500% Darkwood Forest — Tree House
NPC: Aldreth
12-30 4000% Dwarven Trainer
12-30 6000% Rhudaur Trainer
21-50 6000% The Rocky Trail — Ancient Keep, Throne Room
NPC: Aged Titan
21-50 6000% Silverwood Forest, Ancient Tree Elven Trainer
31-52 9999% Lost City — Elders' Council Chambers, Meeting Hall
NPC: amazon battle master
Defeat Snake Pit
1-54 9999% Negative Power Plane — Ethereal Prison
NPC: Timelord
Defeat Fallen Angel,
Only Place to Train 53-54!
1-65 9999% Scorching Desert — Deep Dark Pit
Hydra Trainer
Defeat manscorpion king for key,
or pick the lock underneath the
Scorching Desert. Defeat Hydra. Train
1-75 32760% Scorching Desert — Ancient Fortress
Easy Trainer
1-75 12000% Scorching Desert — Ancient Fortress
Hard Trainer

Level 66+

Looking at everything in MME, there's two ways to go... an easy way that costs an ass-load of money to pay for a key and tolls but is relatively safe, and another harder way where you fight a bunch of stuff that you'll need a sizable party for.

Easy Trainer

The easy way gets you to the Demon Imp trainer, where you can train from 66-75 (the map lists this incorrectly... it's the "Solo Trainer" in the MME shop list). To get there, go to the Ancient Fortress entrance (ne corner of the desert), then from the very first "Ancient Fortress, Jail Cell" room (exits N, Up), go N, E, E, N, N, N, W, SW, SW, S, S, SE, E. In that room you type in "shakabuku" or "say shakabuku" or something like that. That will teleport you to the "Grand Chamber" room, where you buy a training key (something like 20 runic), after which you'll be automatically teleported by a roomspell to another passage-- either Crimson, Ebony, or Golden depending on your class (note only the crimson passage is shown on the map linked above): 1. Crimson passage-- only one way to go.

2. Ebony Passage works like the Mirrored Passasge for the Basilisk in the Mod-2 Ancient Ruin-- According to MME, from the room you're teleported to: go E x 5, W x 4, E, W, E, W, E x 2, S x 4.

3. Golden Passage is a spiral staircase-- I don't think you can screw it up... just go in a clockwise order (i.e. se, sw, nw, ne, repeat until you get to the end). FYI, nearly every step is trapped.

At the end of those passages, you'll end up in the southernmost room of the Grand Hallway (the long vertical stretch on the map linked in the above post). From there, just keep going north (30 steps, each of which has a toll) until you find a west exit (might be hidden, not sure), and that's where you'll find the Demon Imp trainer. Be careful not to go too far north in the hallway, or you'll have to start over back at the Grand Chamber where you buy the training key and have to pay for another key and all the tolls again.

Once you're done training, exit/re-enter the realm to get out.

Hard Trainer

The hard way appears to go like this:

1. Go south from the Ancient Fortress jail (i.e. from the entrance go N, E, E, S), kill Nahr, and wander up and down the southern outer wall until you find an Angelic Hunter and get an Ancient key from them (spawned by roomspells, AFAIK) so you can get into the Hedge maze.

2. In the hedge maze:
--defeat the Handsome Man, Beautiful Woman (who turns into Lorzina) to get tree branches.
--take the branches to the Withered Tree room, and Azrandimon will spawn.
--defeat Azrandimon to get a Stone Rook Key, and use that to get to the Majestic Dragon
--Kill the Majestic Dragon, after which you'll be teleported to another room of the Ancient Fortress where you'll meet the Demon Imp (obviously, not the "easy" training room).

3. In is part of the AF, there are portals to the east and west-- one to Heavenly Sky, other to Burning Valley... you'll need to visit both:
-- Burning Valley: collect 20 black spikes (dropped by spiked juggernauts that spawn there), trade them to the Demon Imp found in the valley for a Slimey Spiked Key (ask imp spikes), use the key to open the door to the Demon Lord, kill him, and take the Black Spiked Ball he drops. You'll be ported back to the AF Imp room.
-- In the Heavenly Sky, visit each "riddle room" and answer them to open the door to the Golden Phoenix, kill the phoenix to get the Golden Rod, and you'll be TP'd back to the AF Imp room.

4. Ask the Imp "return" with both the Rod and the Ball, and he'll teleport you to a Dark Cavern where you'll fight a Hydra.... Kill the hydra and enter the portal.

5. At this point you'll either be ported to the easy-version's Grand Hallway if you've done the "shakabuku" bit at any point before, or to a separate "hard" version of the Grand Hallway if you haven't. In the "hard" Grand Hallway, the north path is level 66 restricted, and the 3 south paths are all class-restricted... follow the only path that'll let you through, then complete the area it leads to using the maps linked above, and you'll be dropped at a Universal Trainer where you can train level 66 (i.e. the "SixtySix" trainer in MME's shop list).

6. After training to 66, go west, and you'll be back at the Grand Hallway where the Hydra Portal dropped you, but will now be able to leave through the north exit.

7. This is another Mirrored Passage area, but is detailed on the map linked above (in the section with all the <<< and >>> symbols... you want to end up at either H or T1) Once you're at a throne room, kill Nahr (if necessary-- he's present at H, not present at T1), sit throne, and you'll be teleported to the Deep Black Pit.

8. Kill Nahr again in the pit, after which he'll respawn once, so kill him again one last time, and you'll be teleported to the Spacelord's room (i.e. Platform of the Stars), where you can train from 67-75. After training, "go portal" from there, and you'll be dropped back at the entrance to the Ancient Fortress.[2]

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