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"MajorMUD - Realm of Legends" is the most popular and heroic text-based fantasy adventure game on the Web. With the promise of battling dragons and thieves and setting out on dangerous quests, the game has become an addiction for thousands of players on the WorldGroup and Major BBS platforms around the world. The original "Onscreen" game, MUD stands for "Multi-User Dungeons."

The game takes place in a World or Realm, in which monsters, creatures and other heinous beings abound. Players try to navigate through this world, finding ways to become more powerful and able to do more heroic actions as they go on adventures and quests.

MajorMUD is the most popular of the MUD games, which are continuous text adventure games. MUDs let you to play the same game with different people at the same time.

Unique in the MUD world, MajorMUD has been touted by players and BBS Sysops alike as the best MUD available. The reason? Because the designers have taken special care to create a realm that gives each player an equal footing with their rival players in a world filled with dragons, monsters and thieves.

This unparalleled balance and fairness keeps many players glued to their computer screens, traveling through a world that is neither too hard nor too easy to navigate - even though treachery and intrigue awaits around each corner.

Players especially enjoy MajorMUD because the Realm enlarges with each Module that is released. As the world enlarges, new adventures and quests are introduced, and new powers are granted to player's characters.

MajorMUD Resources

There used to be vast resources available for MajorMUD, this sadly is not the case anymore but I have tried my best to put together an accurate representation of all the information that is still available. Getting started in MajorMUD can be a very daunting task, the fact that it is text-only alone is enough to scare away enough the most hardcore of gamers in this day and age. I beg you to reconsider however as this is one of the most involved and hardcore RPGs that I have ever laid my hands on. Hopefully with these tutorials and resources you can get started in the vast world of MajorMUD.

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